The Prasmet company has a number of possibilities in the field of plastic processing – punching, bending, stamping, embossing and the like. We make details on devices designed and built in our company or entrusted by the client. By using steel, brass, copper, aluminum or alloy strips and sheets only from reputable steel mills and distributors, we guarantee the creation of stable conditions for plastic working on our diverse machine park. We have free production capacity on eccentric presses with a pressure from 2.5 to 100 tons.

Plastic working consists of many technological processes carried out as a result of plastic deformation of metal with the use of various types of devices, directly deforming the metal and performing the desired operation.

From a technical point of view, forming enables:

1. to obtain parts of very complex shapes which are either impossible or very difficult to produce using other machining methods;

2. production of strong and rigid parts, and at the same time of light construction, with low material consumption;

3. obtaining spare parts providing high dimensional accuracy, usually without finishing machining. On hydraulic presses PYE 40 for stamping with a pressure of 40 tons, we can perform deep-drawing operations, and on automatic presses, type PAWN 40 and PAWN 100, we perform multi-step operations, including punching, bending, stamping and threading.

On high-speed presses such as SCHULER 50, PAD 25, PASU 40 and PASU 63, we punch out details with a capacity of over 100 pieces per minute (depending on the complexity of the detail).

We also offer details on bending and pressing machines such as Bihler GRM 80, GRM 50, AT-200, AZT-1 and Wunsch. There, it is possible to make very complex shapes of the detail (plastic working) by using many bending sliders (welding and threading can also be performed on a Wunsch machine). Manufactured details made with the use of plastic working are drummed, washed and, depending on the needs, covered with galvanic coatings.

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