We have over 30 bar processing machines. We produce details with a diameter of 2 to 25 mm. Our devices enable turning, milling, transverse drilling and threading of details. Finished products are produced with a capacity of up to 1500 pieces per shift. The optimal series to run on an automatic lathe is 5000 pieces of parts, but we can also make smaller quantities. We can make a production quote based on a drawing, sketch or a sent pattern.

Production of various types of screws, bushings, guides, nuts, brackets, rings, bolts, shafts, axles, etc.

Our machines

  • CNC automatic lathes, type DECO 10, DECO 13, ENC-164,
  • Kneissler Longitudinal-cam lathes, type BP-U5, U10; INDEX ON, OR; 1A12P; 1B10P; TORNOS MS-7, R-10, R16 Drum-cam lathes,
  • TRAUB type SKODA A20, DAR 46 turret-cam automatic lathes.

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